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Ack, well over a month late. *hides* Apologies to justbreathe80 and everyone else!

1369 words of Vecchio/Angie, mostly, though there is Vecchio/Irene and Fraser/Victoria in there too. Spoilers for Victoria's Secret, One Good Man, Juliet Is Bleeding, and Burning Down the House.

Prompt #15:

We had the real thing up there in the moonlight
Didn't cost nothing but each of our hearts
One day you stopped smiling and singing those love songs
Then you decided to make a new start. (“you don’t have me”)

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thehousekeeper Spiral Flower

A Little Bit Of Rain

Title: A Little Bit Of Rain
Author: thehousekeeper
Rating: PG-13?
Prompt: We’re just like anyone else
We just want a little bit of sun for ourselves
And a little bit of rain to make it all grow
Maybe a minute or two to get lost in the glow of love.
-- "Icicles"

Author's Note: It's very late. Apologies to the mods, the readers, and all the other participants. One can only hope that I've learned my lesson and my Seekrit Santa fic will be in on time. Hm, guess I should start that...

I was stupid and didn't listen to the song (lyrics belong to Patty Griffin) until today. It gave me a totally different image than the on I started with, but whatever. This ended up going a different direction than I meant it to anyway.

Big thanks go out to lordessrenergade, who did such an amazing and fast beta job, I got whiplash. In a good way.

"Truth No. 2" by SassyInkPen

Well - better late than never. Between work and being out of town the holiday, I did the best I could. As it is - I'm doing a sneak attack internet connection from the cabin so I have to make this quick quick quick!!

Title: Truth No. 2
Author: SassyInkPen
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Rating: Adult
Part: 1/1
Summary: Written for vecchiofest

My Prompt: { I looked at my reflection in the window walking past and I saw a stranger. Just so scared all the time, makes me one more reason why the world is so dangerous...}

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Edited: To fix the spelling of Gardino's name. *hangs head* I meant to check it before posting, but got distracted, being at the cabin. I HATE when people can't get characters names spelled right. I owe Gardino a steamy PWP.

Hour of the Wolf

Title: Hour of the Wolf
Pairing:F/V, but Fraser's really not here
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1918

Prompt: I stay unseen by the light, I stay untold by the truth
I am sold by a lie
By this I am able in all of my travels
To make these memories quit
But tonight I clearly recall every little bit

--Patty Griffin - Every Little Bit

Notes: Thanks to patchfire for the quick beta, and for staying up and being all encouraging. Thanks also to Paul Haggis for creating Ray Vecchio, and to David Marciano for making me love him.

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"florida" by brooklinegirl

(5103 words)
by brooklinegirl
Lyric: Isn’t it hard sometimes? Isn’t it lonely?
How I still hang around here, there’s nothing to hold me

Major beta thanks to qe2 for - as ever - reigning in my commas, pushing me towards choosing a tense, and making me show her that Vecchio is queer for Kowalski. FURTHER beta thanks to strangecobwebs for saying yes to my desperate and off-putting last-minute plea for help. You are both rockstars, and not in the Paul Gross way. ♥
DT: come reap

Fic update

I'm furiously working on my fic. Composition's pretty much done, then basic editing and a quick beta and I'll be all set. I should get it submitted while it is still Nov. 21 somewhere on the planet. *types furiously*

I'm officially not looking at any of the others until mine's done. I've looked at some, but I just don't have time! *goes back to hyperfocussing*